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The escalating number of cyber- attacks that occur around the world has made the online security space quite exposed. Even though businesses plant essential security frameworks, the procedure is difficult and unfeasible for traditional digital systems. As a result, cyber security has remained a critical concern around the world. We are becoming even more exposed to these risks as our reliance on technology spring up. Our quantum learning- based solutions have aided in the development of numerous strategies to address these cyber security threats. Quantum computing can also aid in the development of encryption systems, commonly known as quantum cryptography.

Traditional algorithms, such as AES/PKI, do not provide dependable and infallible security encryption over time. Many expert studies have shown that these encryptions can be cracked, making them vulnerable and thus posing a threat to the system, making our Quantum Cryptography Solution all the more important to improve security.


The above issue is addressed by our Lattice based encryption (QKD), which assures that your systems are no longer vulnerable to security threats. Systems like these are already being used in defense and satellite communications. Our approach is based on secret key distribution as well, as a result of industry research and development. Our current strategy is based on BB84, which is the most frequent and acceptable among PM-QKD patients. We are waiting for ENT-QKD to gain traction in the industry before investing in this technology. Quantum Random Number Generator Cards are add-on cards that answer your concerns about the security of traditional TRNG. It has been embraced by many industry customers such as cryptography, online gaming, numerical simulations, and computational research due to its dynamic features such as randomization, live monitoring, and failure detection. Our solutions operate with PCIe cards, but they may be adapted to work with any other interface based on your needs.



Current industry disruptions are mostly referred to as irregular operations management (IROPS), i.e. fleet, crew, passengers, and look-ahead impact, which are fragmented at the moment and can be solved in a holistic and simultaneous manner rather than the current conventional methodology, which involves multiple steps with different tools (sub-optimal/inefficient solutions).

The vast scope of IROPs, as well as the resulting complexity of the underlying global mathematical optimization problem, make it nearly impossible to solve on today’s computers, as even resolving a single operational disruption could take an unreasonable amount of time. We can solve this problem by putting our quantum algorithmic practises to work.






Our solution gives you wings to overcome the limitation in customer segmentation and allows you to utilize contextual parameters which may act as a key differentiator for your customers as it captures the multi-dimensional segmentation to effectively capture contextual differences in preferences, intent and behavior of passengers. Even if you have a large complicated data set with hundreds of personas, many geographies, a dozen sites, and thousands of locations, personalisation is achievable.


Complementing the wealthier segment of the client base with more complicated solutions based on more unusual contextual profiling, hence improving tailored services.

Increasing the accuracy of deployed machine learning models, resulting in a more appropriate and precise cause-and-effect relationship between customer data and pleased passengers. When you use our solutions, you may even manage the identification of a huge number of consumer segments.

Quantum sensors are capable of sensing physical quantities with the highest relative and absolute accuracy, such as frequency, acceleration, rotation rates, electric and magnetic fields, and temperature.

Our solutions can help you improve your navigation systems since quantum sensors can achieve more exact acceleration measurements. With the help of quantum sensors that might be used as payloads for a variety of applications, such as monitoring climate dynamics from satellites or assessing underground resources from airplanes.
Qbit Labs can assist you in not just selecting the appropriate sensor, but also in providing expert design services to ensure that end users achieve their objectives.



Weather forecasting takes into account various variables such as air pressure, temperature, and air density, making it difficult to anticipate accurately, but our technique overcomes these restrictions. Our technologies have helped meteorologists acquire better insight in their prediction and forecasting because quantum computers can evaluate all data at once. With a greater understanding of when adverse weather may occur, it will be possible to inform people in order to save lives, pain, and money. Meteorologists will be able to develop and analyse more comprehensive climate models using the pattern creation tool, which will provide additional insight into climate change and strategies to mitigate it.



Knowledge of external actions, events, and objects, knowledge of causal regularities that have been repeatedly recognised as the same, knowledge of the contextual meanings of discrete empirical observations, knowledge of the fit between a curve and a set of data points, knowledge of the extent to which two or more theories cohere, and knowledge of the extent to which theories correspond to data are all made possible by pattern matching. Because it uses a lot of CPU resources, it's frequently a concern in intrusion detection deployments. Here's where Quantum Computing comes in.


Our Quantum Learning models have the potential to be deployed and aid in the development of effective drugs. Scientists must assess the interactions between molecules, proteins, and chemicals to determine whether medicines will improve or cure diseases. This is time and labour expensive due to the large number of combinations that are examined. Our QL-based technology can simultaneously examine many molecules, proteins, and chemicals, allowing doctors to determine feasible treatment alternatives more quickly. Also, in cases where medications are withdrawn from preliminary trials despite the fact that they may be effective for a segment of the population. Our technology would allow for significantly faster sequencing and analysis of a person's genes than your current methods.

We've also assisted our customers with feasibility studies for emerging research areas such as improving the nitrogen-fixation process to produce ammonia-based fertilizer, developing a room-temperature superconductor, removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to improve the climate, and developing solid-state batteries.

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