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Applicable for final year engineering students only.

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The unique program is designed to benefit the students and Qbit Labs. The selected students get an opportunity to work in the field of their interest area & future employment, hence utilizing their internship period. This avoids the lack of a focused approach wherein students' internships and their employment is not in correlation for e.g.: a student with a keen interest in core electronics does not have to do his internship in software or the banking sector.

The students shall have an opportunity to work on embedded software involving strong C/C++/Kernel Programming/GUI/Device Driver.

These students get an opportunity to take a big leap in their career development by utilizing this 6-month internship period wherein they get a stipend up to the end of their graduation tenure, post which their remuneration gets automatically changed to the monthly salary as per CTC while they continue the same work.

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Qibt Labs

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May 8, 2022

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